What We Do For You


Our goal is to help you heal – both physically and emotionally.  We want to let you move on past this episode in your life with dignity and respect.  Our focus is on helping people move forward.

Here is what we do:

Reduce Your Stress

The most important aspect of your claim is your health.  The added stress of dealing with ICBC and confusion about “how it all works” is counter-productive to you getting better.  Medical studies have shown that one of the biggest obstacles to physical recovery is the level of psychological stress a person in under.  We are here for you – to answer your questions and concerns, and we are totally on your side.  Let us help carry your load and deal with the ICBC headache.

Private Medical Specialists and Testing

While we always try to work with your doctors and the public medical system, sometimes that is just not enough.  We will then arrange assessments with the best specialists and private medical testing (MRI).  First, to ensure you get the best medical care. Second, to put your claim forward in the best possible way with ICBC.

Know Your Rights.  Know Your Options.

We see our job as being “educators.” Our job is to explain how the system works, the options you have, the pros and cons of each option.  This allows you to make an informed intelligent decision about how best to pursue your claim.  No two people are alike, and therefore, how we deal with each claim is different.  You will not be left at the end of the day wondering “What was this all about? What could I have done? What should I have done?” Our job is to give you that peace of mind.

Get What’s Fair. Get What You Deserve.

ICBC is a business. Their bottom line is to save their customers money on their insurance.  Our bottom line is to get you what is fair for your claim.

We have resolved claims for thousands of people who had offers from ICBC and got them more money.  If we cannot get you more than ICBC’s offer, we don’t get paid.  We believe it has to be “Win – Win” with our clients or we will work for free.


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