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These are word for word quotes taken from written documents sent to us by our clients.

“Your calm, caring and honest character is something you should be really proud of. You are a true professional and you are ruining all those good lawyer jokes! Thanks again Mike. Give yourself a big pat on the back, and know that you are one of those guys that really make a difference.”


“At that moment I felt a sense of ease and realized I was in good hands….It’s the small things like this that make a huge world of difference. I also want to acknowledge that you never had judgemental attitude or ever made me feel inferior when I had to share personal and somewhat difficult details of my life.”


“Mr. Wessler was able to gain access for me to a medical specialist that I had not been able to see through regular medical channels. I had the impression that Mr. Wessler cared about my recovery and not just the settlement.”


“Thank you for your great work, support, patience and humour. It was quite a ride for me! With a happy ending though.”


“I was glad to have Mr. Alberts as my attorney. Personality was ideal. I was able to communicate with him well.”


“He always presented himself in a professional manner, followed up with questions, was honest, understanding and, most of all, was compassionate. I could not have asked for a better attorney that Mr. Wessler. I was able to put complete faith and trust in Mr. Wessler handling my claim…this is critical especially when one can’t think or decide what is best. It is precisely for this reason that I would highly recommend Mr. Wessler (and your firm) to friends who may unfortunately experience an accident and thus, be in need of a lawyer.”


“Keep up the good work. Will recommend friends and family”


“I had only one dealing with a lawyer before Mr. Lavin and it was disastrous. I vowed never again. However, Mr. Lavin showed me there are lawyers to be respected and are honourable. He is such a gentleman and so very nice. You should be proud of him as a partner.”


“I felt that by choosing your law firm that I was very well taken care of.”


“Mr. T. Wessler was always prompt with his phone calls and keeping me up to date with things that were going on with my case. I thank you for your excellent service…my check made my day. Thank you.”


“I would like to thank you for being an efficient professional. Thanks for your patience and quick service.”


“Erick Alberts was great to work with and I am extremely satisfied with all the work he did.”


“I think you guys are great.”


“I would like to extend my thanks for keeping me up to date as much and often as possible.”


“The service given myself was excellent. I am satisfied with the thoroughness & integral role Mr. T. Wessler played in my settlement. Thank you for believing in me.”


“Both Thorsten Wessler and his secretary were excellent.”


“Mr. Wessler and his staff did a good job for me. I am completely satisfied. Thanks for everything Mr. Wessler. You’re a very friendly lawyer.”


“A very caring, compassionate. professional attorney. I appreciate his help and guidance.”


“Erick Alberts performed excellent as my lawyer, and as far as I know there would be no better way to improve the level of service.”


“At times I was impatient but my lawyer was very patient with me. I thank you.”


“I have no suggestions for an improvement of service. I was very happy with my lawyer. He was kind, professional and attentive. Thank you very much.”


“Thank you Kris for your efforts on my case!”


“It has been a blessing knowing you and wish for you to continue your work, helping people.”


“Thank you very much for helping my mama with her car accident problems.”


“I am very satisfied with the results of my case. The team at BLW Lawyers are great.”


“By maintaining the high level of service you have, it has to be among the best in the country. Thank you for being there for us.”


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