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Anyone who has ever been in a car accident can tell you that the path to recovery is often a long, painful and (sadly) expensive one. It can take months or even years to work through the pain and stress and bring your body back to 100% – if you’re ever able to totally do so at all. This is why understanding as much as you can about injury caps is so important: injury cap laws directly affect your rights during this period in a wide range of different ways that you absolutely need to know about.

How do Injury Caps Work?

As their name suggests, injury caps are a limit based on the financial compensation that someone can receive after suffering through the devastating and incredibly unfortunate events of a car accident. Specifically, they put a limit on the amount of money that you can get based on the type of injury sustained.

Are Injury Caps a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Based on our five decades of experience in all things personal injury, we feel content to say firmly that injury caps are a very, very bad thing for drivers everywhere – specifically those who have been victimized in an auto accident. Not only does it completely harm (and often cases eliminate) your right to receive compensation for your legitimate injuries, but it’s also a concept being sold to the public in a totally illegitimate way.

What Makes Injury Caps So Illogical?

Injury caps simply don’t work, in large part, because there is no “one size fits all” approach to becoming injured on the road. Everyone is a little bit different and their bodies recover from stress and trauma in different ways. Two people could be in identical accidents and one might recovery in a few weeks while it could take years for the next person. Why should their compensation be based on the assumption that they’re the same when they simply aren’t?

The answer is clear: it shouldn’t be.

Will Injury Caps Save Me Money on My Car Insurance?

Simply put: no, they absolutely will not. The logic behind injury caps is that the money being saved by insurance companies who are paying out smaller amounts of money in car accident settlements will eventually be passed onto drivers like you. This is, to put it as clear as possible, totally false and not based in anything resembling the world we’re living in.

What Can I Do About Injury Caps?

While it’s certainly true that injury cap laws are very much a negative thing for those who have been injured in a car accident across the country, this is thankfully one situation that you don’t have to take laying down. The most critical thing that you can do involves emailing, calling or writing your MLA and telling them, very simply, that you are against this legislation. You can find your MLA by community on the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia’s website, located here.

Joining a group on social media to register your discontent will help, yes, but this should NOT replace contacting your MLA directly as it is far less effective in the long run. You can also sign the R.O.A.D. B.C. petition here.

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