Repeat Distracted Drivers to Face Higher Premiums in B.C.

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One of the most serious problems on the roadway today is distracted driving. While usually, we think of “texting while driving” as being the concern, in reality, nearly any activity conducted from a smart or cell phone while driving can be a danger. Checking traffic, texting, looking at email or setting a GPS can all be a danger to the driver and others on the roadway. In fact, stats show that drivers who are on their phones are up to five times more likely to crash than those who are not. A danger like this is something that cannot be ignored.


Here in British Columbia, one of the ways the government is looking to combat the danger of distracted driving is through legislation to fine or penalize those individuals who are caught engaging in the behavior. However, unlike other moving violations, distracted driving is an activity that those who are guilty of committing may continue to practice, even if they are ticketed or fined for the act.

Repeat Offenders

Repeat offenders or those who are caught more than once driving while texting or otherwise distracted are some of the most severe dangers on the roadways. That is why British Columbia has taken steps to counteract this behavior by raising the penalties for repeat offenders. In doing this, law enforcement can emphasize the danger of driving while distracted and it may make drivers less likely to commit this crime on a repeated basis.

What Are the Penalties?

The change to the laws recently announced state that a distracted driver who has two (or more) distracted driving tickets during a three year period would have a higher fine–up to nearly $2,000! This amount is $740 more than what the current penalty is. As always, “points” are assessed for drivers caught as well.

Ideally, this penalty will be harsh enough to get through to drivers how important it is to avoid distracted driving behaviors. The goal in any legislation like this is to make the roadways safer for everyone.

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