Spinal Injury


There are many causes of spinal injuries, but the most common are car accidents, falls, or sports injuries.  Unfortunately, car, truck or pedestrian accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries.  Spinal cord injuries are often complex injuries requiring care from a variety of different doctors and medical practitioners.  The effects of this type of injury are usually permanent.

Paralysis, which is defined as a state of no sensation or control of movement, can affect a person from the waist down (paraplegia).  Quadriplegia is used to describe paralysis affecting all four limbs, and is commonly used to describe paralysis of one’s entire body below the neck.

Because these injuries are very serious and will likely affect a person for the remainder of his or her life, many legal issues arise such as proving the amount and type of future care that a person may require, or calculating the amount of future wage loss an accident victim requires, or deciding the value of a person’s diminished capacity to earn income following an accident.

In addition, issues such as “in trust” claims on behalf of family members, “tax gross up”, and management fees may all need to be considered.

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