Hand Injury


Hand injuries can be caused by striking the interior of a vehicle after an accident, being struck by a deploying airbag or even being struck by a passing car or bus mirror while a pedestrian.

 Airbags can often cause a fracture or dislocation of the thumbs or fingers.  A sufficiently severe impact can also cause fractures at or near the knuckles of a person gripping the steering wheel during a collision.

Ligament tears or strains are also common, as are dislocation of fingers or thumbs caused by a crash.  It is very important to take photographs of any cuts or bruises that you notice after an accident, as well as taking care to report even minor injuries to your hands to your doctor as soon as possible after an accident. Injuries that are not immediately and properly treated could lead to strength, flexibility, or mobility problems in the future so it is important to treat any hand injury seriously right after the accident occurs.

 Hand injuries are usually treated either conservatively with immobilization, stretching and strengthening exercises, as well as physiotherapy.  In more severe cases, you may need to be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon and be treated surgically.  In the worst case, you may require the insertion of pins, wires or plates if there are multiple fractures in your hand.

 It is especially important to fully follow the advice of your doctor to allow as complete a recovery as possible from a hand injury.

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