Foot & Ankle Injury


Injuries to the ankle and foot can be suffered in many types of motor vehicle accidents.  Pedestrians can suffer serious orthopedic ankle injuries if they are struck by cars, but also can have crush injuries if their feet are run over by tires, even at slow speeds.  Bicyclists can be struck and thrown from their bicycles, or run off the road by an inattentive driver, causing them to strike a tree or a pole.  Motorcyclists can suffer serious foot and ankle injuries as well.

Injuries to the ankles of passengers and drivers of cars and trucks can occur in high speed collisions where there is significant cabin intrusion by the impact vehicle into the passenger compartment, resulting in major contusions and even fractures.  Foot and ankle injuries can be suffered by drivers who are applying the brake forcefully during a collision.  Passengers may be suffer injuries to their feet and ankles from bracing their feet on the floorboard or firewall of the vehicle.

As with any joint injury, an ankle injury can lead to future degenerative changes and arthritis.  The erosion of the cartilage and bone can lead to permanent joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and disability.

For an ICBC claim, it is crucial to have the prognosis for this type of injury addressed by an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in ankle injuries.  Your lawyer can facilitate the appropriate referral and then present the best evidence to ICBC.

As these injuries can vary from minor to disabling, the damages recoverable vary significantly from case to case.

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