Uninsured Motorist Injury

man showing his empty pocket, no money

At common law, if you were injured by a motorist who had no insurance, your only chance of recovery for your injuries was to try and claim the assets of the person who harmed you. Driving with no insurance can result from something as simple as a driver forgetting to renew their insurance on time, or from the poor decision of taking the risk of driving, knowing full well that they don’t have valid insurance.

Often, the wrongdoer doesn’t have any assets (as is often the case with people who can’t afford insurance), or they may have insufficient assets to cover your injuries, or they may have hidden or transferred their assets to avoid responsibility.  In these cases, at common law, an injured person would not be compensated for their injuries and losses.

The Good News! – In British Columbia, this has been partially remedied by section 20 of the Insurance (Vehicle) Act.  This allows an injured person to claim compensation for their injuries from ICBC.

The Bad News? – The total amount payable is a maximum of $200,000 for all claims arising out of the same accident.  This is even so where there are multiple people injured in the same accident.

There are technical requirements for qualifying for, applying for, and recovering compensation from ICBC due to injuries caused by an uninsured motorist.  A lawyer can guide you and take the necessary steps to maximize your recovery.

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