Pedestrian Accident Injury


Injuries to pedestrians are on the increase, as more people are able to walk to work, school or other daily destinations.  Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to being injured a car, truck, or bus during the dark winter months.

The Motor Vehicle Act sets out the duties of drivers and pedestrians.  Of course, both pedestrians and motorists must obey any traffic control devices that control the intersection, but in the absence of these, the vehicle must yield to the pedestrian in a crosswalk.  If crossing the road at a point not in a crosswalk, the pedestrian must yield the right of way to any approaching vehicle.  It is especially important for pedestrians crossing at an intersection to be aware of left or right turning vehicles.

Common injuries suffered by pedestrians struck by cars or trucks include injuries to knees, thighs, hips, abdomen, chest, shoulders and head caused by the vehicle bumper striking the pedestrian and knocking the pedestrian to the ground.  The disparity in mass between a pedestrian and a car or a truck means that even a very low speed impact can cause a pedestrian to suffer serious injuries.  If you are injured by a car or truck as a pedestrian, it is important to seek immediate medical attention from a hospital or doctor to assess and treat your injuries.

The pedestrian accident injury lawyers at BLW Lawyers have a great deal of experience representing pedestrians who have been injured by cars, buses or trucks.  We can help.

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