Auto Braking Systems Will Become Standard

Auto braking systems have been to put to the test and have demonstrated to have great potential in preventing auto accidents and saving lives.  The automatic emergency-braking systems use a laser, radar or camera to detect objects to predict frontal crashes. If it senses the car approaching the object at a dangerous speed, the auto braking activates to slow or stop the vehicle.

Currently, most cars do not come with auto braking systems. They are offered as an optional add-on costing between an extra $500 to $3000. However, this will change shortly.

In as short as 6 years, auto braking systems will become standard in most cars and trucks. This will expand into heavier trucks and SUVs within 8 years. This decision was announced after a voluntary agreement between transportation officials and 20 auto manufacturers.

This will be a positive change that helps minimize preventable auto accidents.

Read the details in this CTV News article on auto braking systems.

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