Vancouver Police Crack Down on Drinking & Driving

Summer’s now in full swing, and Vancouver police are beginning to crack down on drunk drivers as part of a summer drinking-and-driving counter-attack program that began in July, as the CBC reports.

Increased traffic stops to check for impaired drivers will be setup at random times and locations, particularly at night and at heavy intersections, throughways and bridges throughout Vancouver. The random road checks are designed to protect drivers and pedestrians, to minimize car collisions, impaired driving and the risk of personal injury or a car-accident injury, and to encourage safe-driving habits in Vancouver.

Police have been trained to not only spot signs of a drunk driver or someone driving under the influence, but also to look for signs of people who are trying to mask their impairment through things like gum, cigarettes and cologne or perfume.

Unfortunately, accidents still do happen, whether under the influence or not. If you are ever injured as a pedestrian or by the actions of an impaired driver, speak to the lawyers at BLW Lawyers in Metro Vancouver so you can ensure your rights are protected and your future is secure. Call us today at 604-689-3883 or email us at for more information.

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