Vancouver Has the Most Congested Traffic in Canada

According to an international-based research firm, Vancouver was the worst city for congested traffic in all of Canada in 2016, as discussed by the Vancouver Sun.

Part of the problem, according to many observers, is that automobile crashes in the Lower Mainland have been on a steady incline for the past two years, hitting about 20,000 as reported to ICBC in 2015 after reaching roughly 18,000 in 2014 and around 17,000 for each of the years from 2010-2013.

All other regions in the province have experienced steady rises in automobile crashes as well, but the sharpest increases have been in the Lower Mainland.

Research strongly concludes that the less accidents and fender-benders there are, the less congested roads become, particularly on heavily used throughways and on many of the bridges throughout the region.

According to an ICBC spokesperson, the evidence suggests that the increased traffic congestion and number of car crashes over the years has coincided with an increase in distracted-driving incidents, particularly with cellphone usage.

Experts have been reported as arguing that there is only so much legislation can do to protect lives on the road, and ultimately, distracted drivers need to take greater responsibility in focusing on the moment and not driving while diverted by technological devices such as cellphones or by everyday worries such as work stress.

In the Lower Mainland, about one million vehicles are on the roads during a weekday rush-hour; surveys hint that about 40% of those drivers have admitted to using cellphones while driving.

Unfortunately, there is no overnight solution, and statistics continue to indicate that these problems will get worse before they get better. Distracted drivers continue to be on the roads, causing a hazard to you and your family, and all too often, their reckless actions result in crashes and personal injuries that can be life-shattering.

If you ever become victimized from an accident involving a distracted driver, you’ll want a qualified and experienced personal-injury lawyer on your side to help protect your interests and make sure you are fully compensated for your injuries and other factors, such as lost wages and impacts on mental health.

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