Vancouver Cracks Top 20 on Drunk-Driving List

The City of Vancouver has fallen into the top 20 on a list of municipalities in Canada with the most number of police-reported impaired-driving incidents, and three other B.C. cities, including one near Metro Vancouver, have made the top 10, according to a news story from Global News.

For recent annual statistics, by drunk-driving offences per 100,000 people to adjust for different population sizes, Vancouver ranked 16th on a list of the top 33 Canadian cities compiled by Statistics Canada, at 164 incidents.

Kelowna reported the second-highest rate in the country and the top in B.C. at 323, while Victoria and Abbotsford also made the top 10. B.C. has the most number of cities in the top 10, all of which fared worse than the Canada-wide average, although Vancouver performed slightly better than the national average.

Despite having more cities in the top 10 than any other Canadian province, B.C. scored in 9th place out of the ten provinces for provincial averages, thanks to Vancouver’s score.

However, Vancouver still ranked higher on the list than a number of other notable large cities, including Calgary, Hamilton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg. So the Metro Vancouver region is still a relatively dangerous place to drive, especially when Abbotsford’s statistics are incorporated.

Since tougher regulations came into effect in the province to curb drinking and driving in 2010, the B.C. government has reported that deaths caused by or related to impaired driving have decreased by 52%.

But the Metro Vancouver region’s not-so-reassuring numbers compared to other Canadian cities, alongside the particularly poor performances of Kelowna, Victoria and Abbotsford, highlight that much more work still needs to be done.

Experts suggest that the province should consider implementing a zero-tolerance policy for young drivers, which many other provinces have successfully introduced into legislation.

Drunk driving in Vancouver remains a large problem and causes much grief and suffering. Nobody deserves to become victimized by such a tragic act, but unfortunately, all too often impaired driving-incidents still occur in Metro Vancouver, resulting in personal injuries that can easily sidetrack lives.

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