Vancouver Car Sharing Ready for Winter Driving

Car-sharing companies in Vancouver have been preparing their vehicles for winter-driving conditions as the season is in full swing, according to a report from the Vancouver Sun.

Many observers expressed pessimism about the safety quality of driving car2gos and Evos during winter in Metro Vancouver because of the meagre appearances of the Smart cars and Prius hybrid vehicles, respectively.

But both of the popular point-to-point car-sharing companies have outfitted their fleet of vehicles for the winter months for muddy and light-snow conditions.

Additionally, the two-way car-sharing companies, including the co-op Modo and the internationally based Zipcar, boast full-fledged winter tires for conditions with heavy snow and light ice.

Modo claims that over 10% of their fleet have tires specifically designed for winter conditions, while the majority of the remainder of their cars have either all-season tires, four-wheel drive, or both. Zipcar also offers winter-ready vehicles.

Both car2go and Evo have ensured that all of their vehicles are equipped to meet provincial requirements for driving conditions in winter.

Additionally, all four of Vancouver’s most-used car-sharing companies offer 24/7 customer support if you ever get stuck in snow or ice. Drivers are encouraged to not take any risks if they find themselves in uncertain circumstances, as the companies have representatives who can help them without any additional charges.

Despite these reassuring company policies, it is still not 100% possible to guarantee drivers’ safety while on the road in a car share in Vancouver, especially since Vancouver has already had a colder and snowier winter than average, and driving car shares is statistically more likely to result in an accident than driving your own vehicle since you’re less likely to be overly familiar with the vehicle.

No matter what car you’re in, or what car another driver is in, accidents will still happen, especially in inclement weather, and sadly, sometimes personal injuries can result. Many drivers are careless during the winter, not doing an adequate enough job to take the weather into consideration to alter their driving habits.

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