New Device Could Deter Drinking & Driving

A new B.C. invention could better deter drinking and driving through more effective enforcement of the laws on the books, according to a news story in the Globe & Mail.

A researcher from Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University claims to have developed a device that will easily allow police to more accurately gauge if someone is driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs, such as cannabis, LSD and cocaine, as compared to traditional detection methods.

The device, which resembles a virtual-reality headset, can determine someone’s potential influence under alcohol and other drugs by measuring your pupils’ responses to light and moving objects.

Currently, police rely on subjective interpretations to determine a motor-vehicle driver’s level of intoxication, and increasingly outdated tools such as breathalysers are neither foolproof nor comprehensive, since they can’t test for other drugs besides alcohol.

With a potential for more quantifiable results to help make their decisions, police will be in a better position to remove dangerous drivers from B.C. roads in an effort to save countless lives and reduce the number of personal-injury accidents from car collisions.

Presently, drinking and driving kills an average of 78 people per year in B.C., and approximately 26% of all fatalities from car crashes relate to impaired driving.

Driving under the influence remains a serious ailment in Metro Vancouver and causes significant pain and suffering to families throughout the Lower Mainland.

Personal car-accident injuries from drinking and driving wreak havoc on your quality of life, ability to work, as well as your mental health. If you or a member of your family is injured from the reckless actions of an impaired driver, make sure you seek legal support before accepting your compensation claim with ICBC to ensure your rights are protected.

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