Large Proportion of Marijuana Users in BC Drive While High

A new study from the University of Victoria has revealed that alarmingly high proportions of adult marijuana smokers in British Columbia admit to have either driven high or knowingly entered a vehicle with drivers who were high, as reported by a Vancouver Sun story.

The news is particularly worrisome as the federal government prepares to legalize recreational marijuana use throughout Canada for July 1, 2018.

After surveying self-identified “frequent users” of pot (those who claim to smoke marijuana more than once a week), psychology professor Bonnie Leadbeater found that approximately 80% of male pot smokers and 75% of female marijuana smokers admit to having entered a vehicle as either a high driver or as a passenger with a high driver within the past month.

British Columbia already has the highest rate of marijuana consumption in Canada relative to population size. Health Canada reports that about 13.8% of British Columbians smoke weed.

Leadbeater’s study also argued that smoking pot before driving a vehicle “approximately doubles the rate of crashing.” Other studies demonstrate that pot usage slows a driver’s reaction time, negatively affecting driving abilities such as adequately staying within a lane and maintaining a constant speed.

About 7% of all car crashes in British Columbia involve marijuana usage, but this statistic could worsen in the near future as pot becomes fully legal across the country.

Driving while high is a serious concern and could cause serious damages and personal injuries to innocent victims.

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