Is Distracted Driving a Lesser Threat After Increased Fines?

Have the number of tickets issued for distracted driving decreased in the few months since B.C. increased the penalty for the dangerous infraction?

The short answer, according to a report from Vancouver’s CKNW News, is yes, but only by a little bit. This new data suggests that distracted driving is still a scourge in Metro Vancouver that presents a real threat to other drivers and pedestrians alike.

In June and July, the Vancouver police department issued a total of 896 tickets for distracted driving, compared to 981 tickets over the same two-month period from the previous year. That’s a decrease of only 8.66%. Not enough data is available yet to determine how many of those tickets were issued to repeat offenders.

On June 1, the province jacked the fine for first-time offenders of distracted driving to $368, on top of four demerit points to the offender’s licence worth $175, for a total cost of $543. Previously, the fine was only $175.

Repeat offenders receive extra demerit points for increased costs, which can go as high as $14,888 including the base fine of $368.

With only the slight decrease in the number of tickets issued since the fine increase, drivers in Metro Vancouver appear to still be driving carelessly, such as texting and driving, which statistics increasingly demonstrate is often more dangerous than drinking and driving.

Accidents and personal injuries from careless driving is a serious problem that causes many people pain and suffering for many years. If you are ever a victim of a distracted driver, you deserve to have your rights protected and experts on your side who will fight for fair compensation for you.

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