Car Accidents Could Increase With New Pot Laws: Experts

Medical physicians and law-enforcement officials in B.C. are warning of a likely increase in car accidents after the federal government begins to act on their plans to legalize marijuana, as reported by this news story from News 1130.

Doctors of B.C., the province’s largest advocacy group of medical doctors, and representatives of local police departments both are expressing concern about the perceived lack of public awareness about the dangers of driving while high on marijuana.

They cite statistics from Colorado and Washington, where fatal car accidents involving drivers who were high increased in both states after marijuana became legal.

The police representatives are expressing their concerns despite the involvement of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Drug Abuse Committee in the consultation process with the government. They claim that more work might need to be done to really drive the point home to average citizens about the dangers of driving while under the influence of marijuana.

Additional efforts by police might involve increased training for officers and more screening of drivers.

Indeed, marijuana-influenced driving is a large risk to B.C. drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, as it does increase the risk of fatal car accidents and personal injuries.

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