Will Vancouver Ban Walking & Texting?

Will texting while walking become a crime? If a Vancouver city councilor has his way, it could be banned through either the force of a municipal bylaw or a provincial infraction, as the CBC reports.

Vancouver city councilor Geoff Meggs wants to protect both pedestrian safety and driver safety to ban texting while walking, or using cellphones while walking in general, on crosswalks and roadways. He said it “makes common sense” in expressing an interest to pursue a city-council motion that, if it passes, will formally ask the province to consider banning texting while walking, or if need be, pursing the motion as a municipal bylaw.

An identical motion, passed in July by Toronto city council, sprang the idea.

Pedestrian personal injuries from car accidents are very common, and an average of approximately 75% of pedestrian injuries from accidents in British Columbia occur on intersections and crosswalks.

If texting while walking on crosswalks and near intersections becomes banned, its legal effect and quality of enforcement would certainly be up in the in the short term. However, it is true that staring at a screen wile walking in car-heavy zones is a dangerous activity. You miss out on potential risks like signs, oncoming cars that might not see you.

Drivers, however, are just as susceptible—and more responsible for—being distracted than pedestrians are in a vast majority of cases, especially when personal injuries occur. If you are ever injured as a pedestrian, speak to the lawyers at BLW Lawyers in Metro Vancouver so you can ensure your rights are protected and your future is secure. Call us today at 604-689-3883 or email us at for more information.

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