Pedestrian Personal Injury: What to do when hit by a car

If you live in or around the Vancouver or Burnaby areas, and you’ve been hit by a car while walking as a pedestrian, don’t feel embarrassed. According to city staff report in Vancouver, an average of 12% of people in Vancouver walk to work, which is one of the highest percentages of any Canadian cities. In an article from the Vancouver Sun, the City of Vancouver’s director of transportation, Jerry Dobrovolny, revealed that, “while pedestrians are only involved in about two per cent of all collisions, they comprise over 60 per cent of the deaths.”

If you are hit by a vehicle while walking on a sidewalk, there’s a good chance that it wasn’t your fault. Many drivers aren’t on the lookout for pedestrians, some are fatigued, some are drunk, and others are just plain careless. After the accident occurs, you should seek medical assistance right away. If you’ve been hit so severely that you’ve been knocked unconscious, it is the responsibility of the driver or nearby witness to seek medical attention. If you’ve been injured badly enough that you can no longer walk or drive, call 911 for immediate help.

After you’ve sought medical help and reported the incident to the police, contact one of the pedestrian injury lawyers at Becker Lavin & Wessler right away at 604-689-3883. We will prove to be a valuable resource. No matter what, you should never discuss the accident with the driver or with ICBC or another insurance company without first speaking to one of our personal injury lawyers. When you speak to either the driver or ICBC, like the old saying goes, everything that you say can be used against you in a court of law. Discuss your injuries and the effects of your injuries with your doctor and medical experts, but do not discuss your injury claim with anyone else but a lawyer. Again, only discuss the case with your lawyer or attorney. Do not discuss it with ICBC or an insurance company, or anyone else for that matter. It is a private medical condition, and should be kept private. Likewise, information about your case is privileged, and should only be discussed with a lawyer or attorney. Your doctor is not a lawyer, and doesn’t need to know about anything your lawyer has discussed with you. If you are contacted by ICBC or the driver’s insurance company, only give them your attorney’s contact information. That’s all the information that you should provide.

You must document your injuries. Don’t rely on the medical personnel to take down accurate notes. In addition to their records, you should create your own documentation. This includes writing down your body sites that are hurt and taking pictures of visible injuries to your body and your clothes. In addition to documenting your injuries, you should also write down notes about how the accident occurred. It is a good idea to draw out a sketch of the street where the accident occurred and where you and the vehicle were positioned.

If you have an automobile that is insured, or have a driver’s licence, you will likely have access to Part 7 accident benefits. You do not need to contact ICBC right away. We can do that for you. While you weren’t driving your vehicle when you were hit, your automobile insurance will likely cover this style of accident because it will provide you with Part 7 accident benefits. By contacting your insurer right away, your disability and/or medical claims will be considered “post accident” status.

The most important step that you should take is to secure the services of one of the Burnaby car accident injury lawyers at Becker Lavin & Wessler. You deserve compensation for your physical injuries, emotional stress and medical bills. You might miss time from work or even become permanently disabled. A lawyer or attorney will help you obtain the best possible compensation. ICBC or the driver’s insurance company will likely try to blame you for the accident, and if they ever offer a settlement, it’ll probably be lower than what you deserve. One of the experienced and knowledgeable pedestrian personal injury lawyers at Becker Lavin & Wessler will likely be able to negotiate for an optimal settlement that compensates you for your physical and emotional harm as well as the financial stress that the accident has put on your budget. If the insurance company is being unreasonable in their offers, we will take your case to trial and have a judge decide what you deserve.

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