Uber Ride Hailing Coming to BC by the End of 2017

The provincial Minister of Transportation, Todd Stone, has promised that British Columbia will allow ride-hailing apps like Uber to legally operate in the province by the end of 2017, as outlined in a news story in Huffington Post British Columbia.

He promised legislation that will regulate companies such as Uber to quell concerns about insurance and driver safety, as well as protect local taxi companies to ensure a competitive marketplace. However, no specific details were provided.

The announcement comes after years of debate and rocky introductions of Uber in other parts of the country. Currently, Uber operates in various cities in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

Uber allows passengers to receive and pay for car rides from private, registered drivers through an app on their phone. Taxi drivers and their unions in most jurisdictions have voiced dissent, claiming Uber represents unfair competition to them because of strict and unique government regulations taxi companies face.

Furthermore, the effects Uber brings on driver safety and insurance protection remain up in the air thanks to years of mixed results and the uncertainty of new technology in the cities where Uber already operates.

For example, it remains to be seen how Uber passengers will be protected if they are involved in a car accident and receive a personal injury in British Columbia. Additionally, Uber has been experimenting with self-driving cars in other parts of North America, leading to car crashes in some incidents and legal ambiguity about how victims’ rights and injuries will be guarded and fairly compensated.

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