Will Self-Driving Cars Affect Injuries & Security?

A recent survey of more than a 1,000 British Columbia drivers reveals that almost half of them believe that self-driving cars will present an overall danger to the safety of B.C. roads, as Business in Vancouver reports.

Approximately 47% of respondents had reservations about the safety of the technology of autonomous automobiles, and roughly 16% had strong reservations, indicating a complete lack of trust in the technology all together.

However, what does this mean for the future of driverless roads? The survey seems to suggest that a concern with safety is influenced by hesitations towards telematics, the technological monitoring of driver habits and vehicle use.

Telematics is the biggest gamechanger to come with self-driving cars, and could involve validating facts in auto-accident claims cases.

Security risks from telematics and safety hazards in regards to personal-injury accidents of driverless vehicles are still big unknowns, and obviously the general public is wary on what those unknowns will become. Will there be an increase in personal-injury accidents on the road? Will insurance companies overreact? What will this mean for protecting my livelihood and financial interests when I am injured in a car accident?

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