Who is Liable in Car Accidents with Driverless Cars?

Vancouver and the world are on the peak of a driverless revolution, which presents a lot of legal ambiguities concerning personal-injury compensation. What happens if I’m in an accident with a driverless car? How will my rights be protected when a driverless car strikes me as a pedestrian or motorist? And most importantly, who is liable under such scenarios?

According to a recent legal interpretation published by the CBC, operators and owners of such driverless cars will still be held liable when car accidents occur. That’s because the first wave of driverless cars being produced still have steering wheels and allow human drivers to “take over” the vehicle at any time.

Therefore, Canada’s legal system considers driverless cars as merely “semi-autonomous vehicles,” the operation of which thus differing technically little from driving a traditional car in cruise-control mode, for example.

And as with any major new technology in the automobile industry that impacts the way cars are driven, safety and security for drivers, other motorists on the street, bicyclists and pedestrians is never guaranteed. Automated technology is still being perfected, and sometimes driverless cars can cause accidents and injure people in circumstances that could have been avoided.

With the power to assign liability to car owners of driverless vehicles when they cause personal-injury accidents, you are better positioned to fight for your right to be compensated for your injuries adequately and make sure your livelihood and health are protected.

As more driverless cars gradually hit the streets in Vancouver, there’s always a chance you could be injured. If an automated vehicle ever hurts you, contact BLW Lawyers in Metro Vancouver today. We will work hard to ensure you are fairly compensated for your medical expenses and that you are protected for your future. Call us at 604-689-3883 or email us at for more information.

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