ICBC’s Offer – Should You Accept?


Accept ICBC’s Offer or Get a Car Accident Lawyer?

It happens all the time: People make an ICBC claim and then ICBC sends them an offer. Hundreds of people have come to us with an offer from ICBC and they all want to know if they should take it. “How much is my claim worth?”

Why You Shouldn’t Accept ICBC’s Offer

ICBC is a business. They’re a crown corporation, but they still need to churn out a profit to remain functional and not bankrupt the provincial government. This means that their bottom line will almost always be a high priority for them.

When ICBC sends you an offer, it’s often a low-ball offer so they can minimize their financial losses. For instance, many ICBC offers come early in the process after you’re involved in a personal injury accident. ICBC does this before your long-term injuries can fully manifest themselves to avoid having to settle a high amount with you, and also because they want to pressure you into not speaking to any personal injury lawyers.

Another problem we often encounter with ICBC is that many ICBC offers don’t come with full explanations as to how they quantified your personal injury and suffering. ICBC often doesn’t provide this information in a comprehensive manner because they didn’t give your case the full attention it deserves.

And holding out on an early offer from ICBC without consulting a car accident lawyer won’t help you much either because it implies that you should accept ICBC’s second offer. It’s a negotiating tactic that ICBC is well aware of and one they already take into account.

Speak to an ICBC Injury Lawyers in Metro Vancouver

At BLW Lawyers in Metro Vancouver, we understand the true worth of your personal injury because we’ve been in this business collectively for over 50 years. That means we can stand on solid ground when estimating how much your claim is really worth and therefore be in a strong position to fight for your rights.

What we do is take on your claim but put in writing:

“Our fees will not reduce your recovery amount to less than ICBC’s offer.”

If we cannot get you more than ICBC’s offer then you do not pay us a fee. We take the risk on ourselves that ICBC might have been fair with you from the start. Why do we take that risk?  Because our past experience has shown us that we will get more on a vast majority of cases, and our clients will then get more even after our fee is paid. We believe it has to be “Win – Win.”

“EXCELLENT! A-plus, plus, plus, etc. – You are the best.”


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