Youth Vulnerable to Drinking and Driving at Graduation

All parents worry for the safety of their children when young drivers are behind the wheel, but unfortunately, dozens of young people are fatally injured in drunk-driving automobile accidents in British Columbia every year. Car crashes are already the top cause of death in B.C. for people aged 16-21, and approximately 27% of those crashes involve alcohol impairment.

With high-school graduations across the province quickly approaching, parties and underage drinking are part and parcel for the season. ICBC road-safety speakers are embarking on a tour of British Columbia high schools to speak to students about the dangers of drinking and driving.

Fortunately, the number of young-person deaths from impaired driving has decreased in recent years in British Columbia, but the rate of decline has been slow, and any drunk-driving fatalities above zero remain unacceptable.

To read more about ICBC’s speaking tour, click here.

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