White Lies Can Affect Your Insurance Claim

Getting into an auto accident can leave you with some serious physical injuries along with untold damage to your vehicle. In 2009, Transport Canada tracked 123,192 motor vehicle collisions with more than 172,883 injuries. With so many ICBC claims being filed on a yearly basis, properly filling out an insurance claim can mean the difference in getting your claim process or denied.

In an article from The Independent, journalist Simon Read found that 1-in-5 people in the UK admitted to lying to their insurance company. Although the statistics may not be the same in Canada, a claim that is considered fraudulent could still be negated by your insurance company. In Canada alone, the concentration of personal injuries occurring in urban areas topped 90,248 compared to 30,232 in rural areas.

With thousands of personal injury claims being filed in Canada every year, here are some helpful tips on how to properly fill out your ICBC claim:

1. Get the name and phone number of the driver/persons involved in your accident
2. Do not wait to seek medical attention for any injuries incurred, whether they are visible or not
3. Do not miss your limitation dates
4. And most important of all, always consult a lawyer about your claim. They are there to help you!

For more tips and a handy guide on the worst mistakes to make with your ICBC claim, be sure to revisit our site for ongoing advice and the latest insurance information from ICBC.

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