Vancouver’s Record Breaking Storm May Have Left Individuals without ICBC Coverage

Vancouver is widely known for its warm summers and tame, rainy winters; however, this past weekend took the city literally by storm, and changed the stereotypical weather behavior very drastically. A substantial windstorm blasted its way through Metro Vancouver, where falling trees caused massive damage to homes, businesses, and cars parked on driveways and streets. The storm resulted in approximately 60,000 individuals without electricity.

The destruction caused by the storm has left many individuals wondering how much, if any, of the damage will be covered by insurance. According to Social Media Advisor for ICBC, Adam Grossman, if a tree fell on your car, chances are, you may not be covered by ICBC. Adam was quoted in Vancity Buzz stating that, in order to be fully covered, one would need comprehensive insurance for the damage caused by the storm.

On the upside of things, Grossman indicated that the majority of their customers do purchase comprehensive or collision insurance through ICBC, so therefore falling objects would be covered under the comprehensive policy.

Currently, the team at ICBC is not sure how many of their customers will be making claims due to the storm, but they are working on it and hope to have some data available in the next few weeks.

Take a look at ICBC’s website to learn more about insurance packages, what they cover, and more!

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