Why Injury Caps Will Hurt Our Community and Take Away Our Rights

ICBC Injury Caps Law - BLW Personal Injury LawyersIt’s a matter of public record that ICBC has been struggling with financial hardship for the past several months. In an effort to cut costs and save money, ICBC recently announced plans to place caps on what they consider to be “minor” injury claims. Unfortunately, these proposed changes could have a major impact on those who have been injured in an auto accident, making it nearly impossible to reach a fair settlement and receive the compensation these auto accident victims are truly entitled to. And while you’ll hopefully never be involved in an accident or need to file an ICBC claim, it’s important to understand the serious impact these proposed injury caps could have on accident victims and to take a stand against them.

Injury Caps and The Impact On Your Claim

Specifically, the changes proposed by ICBC will affect so-called “complex and costly” claims, meaning that larger claims could be paid out and settled for pennies on the dollar in an effort to cut down on ICBC costs. The claims that would most likely be affected by these changes are those related to pain and suffering, whiplash, strains, and similar injuries. Coincidentally (or perhaps non-coincidentally), these claims are also among the most commonly seen in British Columbia.

Unfortunately, what this really means is that good drivers are being punished by the actions of bad drivers, being forced to pay for their mistakes behind the wheel. Working class drivers, senior citizens, and other innocent drivers could end up being stuck with hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unpaid medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses related to their accident—all because ICBC decided their claim was too complex.

It is also worth noting that ICBC has yet to clearly define what would be considered a “minor” claim versus a “major” claim, which leaves many people understandably nervous about the ambiguity.

What You Can Do To Help

Fortunately, there are many initiatives in place that are working to prevent these changes across British Columbia. Even if you’ve never been in an accident or been involved in an ICBC claim, there’s a good chance you know somebody who has or who will in the future. If you agree that these proposed injury caps are detrimental to society, you are encouraged to do your part in supporting these initiatives and campaigns. One of the most effective steps you can take is that of writing or speaking directly with your MLA; explain that taking away the rights of constituents is not the solution to ICBC’s financial problem and that injury caps are unfair to good, law-abiding drivers.

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In addition to writing to your MLA, be sure to also sign the R.O.A.D. BC petition and follow their Facebook page for ongoing updates, And of course, if you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and are looking for assistance in handling your ICBC claim, schedule your free consultation and case evaluation with our team at Becker Lavin, & Wessler. With years of experiencing in navigating this confusing and ever-changing claims process, we have your best interests in mind.

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