ICBC Warns Drivers to Be Extra Cautious During Bike-to-Work Week

Starting on Monday, May 25th until May 31st, the roads in British Columbia will be busier with the start of this year’s B.C. Bike to Work Week event.

ICBC has already issued a statement warning drivers to be more vigilant as the number of cyclists is set to increase this week. Although the city of Vancouver has invested heavily on new bike paths, drivers are still cautioned to keep a watchful eye on cyclists. According to a report from ICBC, about 670 cyclists are injured every summer in B.C. with 450 of those injuries taking place in the Lower Mainland.

To help avoid accidents from happening, drivers and cyclists can both contribute to keeping our Vancouver roads safer by making sure they use proper caution when traveling.

Safety tips include:
• Shoulder checking
• Making eye contact with drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians
• Keeping a watchful eye on the road to avoid safety hazards like fallen branches, potholes, etc
• Using designated bicycle lanes when available
• Slowing down on marked bicycle paths
• Proper hand and turn signal usage

For more information on this year’s B.C. Bike to Work Week, check out ICBC for more!

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