ICBC to Revoke Discounts From At-Fault Drivers

In response to a growing number of car accidents and personal injuries in British Columbia, ICBC announced drivers who are at fault in crashes will soon pay steeper insurance prices, as reported by a news story in the Vancouver Sun.

Beginning in May 2018, drivers who cause more than one at-fault car accident will lose their safe-driving discounts from ICBC at a faster rate than they had previously. Drivers who commit multiple at-fault offences can regain access to these discounts after a period of three consecutive years without committing a car accident.

The move is in response to rising insurance costs because of the number of accidents on the road. According to statistics, 2016 witnessed an increase of approximately 20,000 car accidents in B.C. compared to the previous year.

For the time being, drivers with no more than one at-fault crash on their record will not see their access to insurance discounts scaled back.

ICBC claims the move is part of a larger strategy to compensate for losses as a result of the increasing number of personal-injury claims it fights in courts. However, in proportion to the recent rise in the number of accidents and injuries from car accidents, ICBC has not been demonstrating that it is adequately fighting for the rights and well-being of car accident victims, choosing to challenge their injury claims, leading to costly legal battles.

The move also highlights the severity of dealing with personal injuries from accidents and careless drivers in B.C., thanks to the increase in the number of incidents on the road and the corresponding rise in injuries.

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