Top Places in B.C. Where Young People Speed

young drivers

With summer in full swing, young car drivers are out on the road more now that school’s out and vacation season is upon us.

It also means that police officers are seeing an increase in speeding infractions and distracted-driving tickets with densities of each varying across the province, according to this recent story from The Province.

Data shows that young drivers, those aged 17-21 in the studies analyzed, rack-up high amounts of distracted-driving tickets in Metro Vancouver, with Langley, Burnaby, Coquitlam and New Westminster topping the list of B.C. cities with the highest proportion of distracted-driving charges among young people relative to the overall amount of young drivers in those areas.

Towns that see the highest proportion of young people who speed, on the other hand, were less urban and tended to feature more open roads and wide highways, with Hope and Merritt being the top two offenders for issued speeding tickets in the province.

This new data suggests that urban areas and rural areas both face their own challenges when it comes to young drivers and safe driving, and therefore it is impossible to fully escape the risks of being in car accident and potentially suffering injuries since distracted driving or speeding is always a danger.

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