Police Clarify Rules Using Devices for Distracted Driving in B.C.

Male driver using mobile phone in car.

Many drivers in British Columbia continue to use their cell phones while behind the wheel, even though a lot of them aren’t necessarily talking with their phone to their head or texting with the device in their hands, not realizing their usage might still be a problem, as reported in a news story by the CBC.

Vancouver Police and local RCMP urge people to avoid their phones and other electronic devices altogether while driving, but if it is unavoidable, there are strict rules that govern usage that many people underestimate.

For instance, the device must be securely attached to the car or you person, such as in your pocket, and remain fully hands-free and voice activated. Even touching a mounted phone to alter a command or end a call counts as distracted driving.

Touching the phone or staring at it for too long, even if only momentarily while stopped at a red light, will earn you a distracted driving ticket. Cars and pedestrians are still moving around you, so the law expects you to stay fully focused in case anything were to happen.

And when the phone is mounted—cup holders don’t count here—it cannot be anywhere on the dashboard that could impair the view of the driver.

RCMP Sergeant Lorne Lecker says that the police primarily look for three criteria: 1) that the device is secured; 2) that the driver is not looking at or touching the device; and 3) that the device does not impede the driver’s view.

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