New Off-Road Vehicle Registration Laws in Effect in B.C.

Starting in November 2014, owners of off-road vehicles in British Columbia will be eligible to register their vehicles with ICBC for a fee of $48. This one-time fee will include a license plate which owners will need to affix to their vehicle. Currently, the off-road registration is optional but in June 2015, the registration will become mandatory.

Despite the fee, drivers of off-road vehicles will also benefit from increased access to highways across British Columbia which includes the ability to:

    • Cross a highway without having to obtain an operation permit if the crossing has a stop sign or a traffic light.
    • Load or unload in a parking lot without an operation permit.
    • Cross a highway where local police authorize through an operation permit.

The list of ORVs that can be registered with ICBC includes:

  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Dirt Bikes

In a news report from Global News, “The owners of any off-road vehicle will have to think about how to display metal plates […] on their vehicle.”
For more information on the new vehicle registration laws, watch the full video from Global News below:

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