New Doubts in Distracted Driving Laws on B.C. Roads

A local advocate in B.C. for driver safety cautions against increased enforcement and stiffer laws concerning distracted driving, according to a news story by News 1130.

Derek Lewers, a former volunteer firefighter and a representative of Sense B.C., an advocacy group for B.C. motorists, claims that such enforcement is disproportionately costly to taxpayers and that more laws do little to contribute to awareness and education since they focus instead on retroactive punishment.

He cites the fact that distracted driving involving handheld electronic devices directly contributes to less than one percent of fatal injuries on B.C. roads, as per yearly averages. As well, this statistic has remained relatively flat in over the past decade.

Lewers’ comments come in response to the federal Minister of Transport, Marc Garneau, publically urging provinces to crack down more on distracted driving, even after B.C. already introduced new legislation last year doing just that. Last June, fines for distracted driving increased in B.C.

Recent news stories have suggested that although police have handed out more tickets for distracted driving thanks to blitzes in response to the new legislation, there is little evidence thus far that the law is working as a significant pre-emptive deterrence.

Since drivers, therefore, don’t seem inclined to put their phones down, and it remains true that distracted driving does increase the risk of car accidents and personal injuries, B.C. roads continue to be a hazard for may drivers.

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