Lower Mainland Police & B.C. Pedestrians Warn of Drunk Driving

drunk driving

Security camera footage released by Abbotsford Police to the media show a horrifying consequence of impaired driving as authorities try to curb personal injuries and fatalities from drunk driving, as reported in a news story by the CBC.

The footage, originally from 2015, shows a driver speeding through a red light, striking several pedestrians who were walking along a marked crosswalk, before crashing into a pickup truck and driving off.

Constable Ian MacDonald of the Abbotsford Police said the driver was later caught and convicted of impaired driving as well as leaving the scene of an accident.

Miraculously, only one of the six people in the group of pedestrians was hospitalized for their injuries from the car accident. The pedestrians gave their consent to the video being released to the media in the hope that it will encourage drivers to think twice before driving while drunk.

According to ICBC, in British Columbia, an average of 66 people die every year as a result of impaired driving from either alcohol or other drugs, representing approximately 23% of all motor-vehicle fatalities annually in the province.

Sadly, many personal injuries from drunk driving and impaired driving in general occur regularly, threatening the livelihood of victims and their ability to work and support their family. If you are injured in a car accident from an impaired driver, make sure to get in touch with BLW Lawyers, who have over 50 years of combined experience in the Lower Mainland related to personal injury lawsuits. Call BLW Lawyers today at 604-689-3883 or email us at for a free consultation.

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