Driverless Highways from Vancouver to Seattle a Possibility

A driverless highway could soon be coming to Metro Vancouver in what would be a revolutionary transit development, but which would also raise a myriad of safety concerns and present a huge impact on personal-injury issues.

According to a news report in the Vancouver Sun, a current Amazon board member and former Microsoft executive recently presented a formal plan for such a driverless highway at a cross-border innovation conference in Vancouver, piquing the interests of some government officials.

The proposal calls for the implementation of stretches of a highway between Vancouver and Seattle to gradually become driverless-only roads, as a strategy to prepare for what the report authors call an “inevitable” future of autonomous vehicles.

The proposed road is the Interstate 5 highway that runs along the U.S. Pacific coast and which turns into Highway 99 in Canada at the Peach Arch border crossing, where it then becomes known as the Fraser Delta Thruway as it connects to Vancouver.

But safety remains the biggest hurdle to any rubber hitting the road, as concerns remain that driverless cars haven’t fully proven their protection worth. For instance, a Florida man was recently killed when his Tesla car, which was in “autopilot mode,” failed to react to a truck crossing at an intersection.

Governments need to balance out these safety concerns with what may very well be the inevitably of a driverless-car future, which means that such plans to introduce driverless highways could still be coming into effect soon.

But how will this near future affect driver safety? Driverless cars have already started hitting the road in many places, and it’s very likely that injuries are on the horizon from foreseeable car accidents.

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