Distracted-Driving Fines Increase in B.C.

Starting in June, fines for distracted driving will increase significantly in British Columbia.

As reported by the CBC, the British Columbia government is raising the penalty for a distracted-driving ticket to $368—more than double the previous amount of $167. In addition to the $368 ticket, first-time offenders can expect four penalty points on their driving records with accompanying fees of $175, for a total of $543, and repeat offenders will face even higher ticket and fee costs.

The long-term effects of this study will not likely be seen for a number of years, and experts are still waiting, and hoping, for results of some kind. As it stands, distracted driving is on pace to soon surpass drunk driving and speeding as the leading cause of young-driver deaths.

Text and driving, for example, continues to be a serious issue in British Columbia, and if you’re a victim of a distracted-driving accident, it’s important to know what you’re rights are and how you can be protected. Call at us 604-689-3883 or send us an email at today.

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