Crashes Increase by 42% on B.C. Roads with Higher Speed Limits


New data reveals that crash rates in about half of the arteries of B.C. highways that saw increases in speed limits in 2014 have gone up by approximately 42%, reported in a news story from CTV.

The increase in crash rates affected exactly 14 of the 33 sections of highways with increased speed zones from two years ago.

Despite the Minister of Transportation citing many factors other than speeding that contribute to car crashes and car-accident injuries, a civil-engineering professor from the University of British Columbia maintained in the news story that increased speed limits always lead to higher rates of fatal car accidents as well as non-fatal car-injury accidents.

The government will, however, rollback the speed zones in two of the 14 affected highway sections to their original levels and will add additional signage and road markings in other places as well.

Provincial Health Officer Perry Kendall researched earlier this year the effect of speeding on car-accident injuries and concluded that a pedestrian’s or cyclists chance of survival if hit by a car increases by up to 75-85 percentage points if the car is travelling at 30 km/h instead of 50 km/h.

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