Are B.C. Distracted Driving Laws Proving Effective?

text and drive laws

Updated distracted driving laws in B.C. designed to curb phone usage while driving are proving tough to beat for some drivers, but it is not clear whether fining drivers is curbing distracted driving, according to a news story by the CBC.

New distracted driving laws were introduced in the province in 2010, and subsequently updated in 2016. Compared to similar laws in other provinces, as noted by some legal experts, the B.C. law is tough to challenge in court because of how comprehensive it is. That means that drivers who receive a distracted driving ticket for what they perceive to be a trivial infraction might still be out on their luck.

Penalties for distracted driving can be expensive. As part of the 2016 update to the law, fines were hiked from $167 to $368, with four demerit points in tow. For first-time infractions, drivers also pay an additional $175 penalty. These fines increase the more infractions that drivers accrue.

Additional consequences include the obvious risk increase to severe accidents and personal injuries. Distracted driving is already the leading cause of death and injury among young drivers and catching up fast to impaired driving among older drivers.

The tough laws against distracted driving and texting and driving, however, are not proving to be effective. Despite 306,000 distracted driving tickets issued since 2010 and spectacular fines, it doesn’t appear to curb distracted driving.

Unfortunately, car accidents causing personal injuries to innocent parties still happen far too often. If you are victimized and injured by a distracted driver, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced team of personal injury lawyers in Metro Vancouver to protect your rights. Call BLW Lawyers today at 604-689-3883 or email us at for a free consultation.

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