Vancouver Police Announce Safety Blitz for Pedestrians

Pedestrian Safety Blitz

A News 1130 story highlights the Vancouver Police Department’s reminders to pedestrians and cyclists to watch out for cars during the summer months so as to avoid car-accident injuries and to stay safe on the road.

The safety blitz and awareness campaign came days before a driver was caught on camera almost hitting a pedestrian who was walking along a crosswalk.

Approximately 1,300 pedestrians are injured by cars in intersections every year in B.C., and a majority of those car-accident injuries occur during the four-month summer period of June-September. The number of incidents so far in 2016 is also on pace to be slightly higher than the year-to-year average; so far this year, B.C. has seen nine traffic-related fatalities, including seven pedestrians and one cyclist.

Police are urging pedestrians and cyclists to always try to make eye contact with drivers because it is never safe to assume that drivers can see you before or as you start crossing a road.

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