Should B.C. Adopt a One-Metre Rule Between Cars and Bikes?

one-metre rule for bikes

Should B.C. Adopt a One-Metre Rule Between Cars and Bikes?

Metro Vancouver cycling advocates are pushing the B.C. government to consider adopting a car-to-bike distance law similar to one that has recently come into effect in Ontario, the CBC reports.

HUB Cycling, an organization dedicated to bicycling culture and safety in Metro Vancouver, wants the government in Victoria to follow Ontario’s lead and mandate that car drivers who pass bicyclists must leave at least one metre of space between their cars and the bicycle.

The Ontario law is under controversy as many drivers argue that one metre is infeasible on certain roads, but both HUB Cycling and police suggest that, if safe to do so, car drivers would be warranted to drive close to or even over a road’s centre dividing line if it were to help.

The fact remains that B.C. currently has no such law on the books requiring any kind of distance between cars and bikes, and many groups, such as HUB Cycling, believe such an oversight contributes to an increase in car accidents that are injuring and even killing cyclists on the road.

Until the B.C. government does adopt such a law, if it is ever going to, cyclists need to be on the lookout and watch for passing cars to avoid auto accidents. Approximately 670 bicycle-riders are injured in car accidents in B.C. every year.

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