New Vancouver Plans for Bike Lanes Raise Concerns

The City of Vancouver’s plans for a new bike route on 10th Ave. have been announced, but they raise concerns for accessibility and the safety of some individuals in the affected neighbourhoods, a news story in the CBC indicates.

Earlier this month, the city released its plans for construction of separated bike lanes along 10th Ave., affecting three stretches of the road, between Oak St. & Willow St., Quebec St. & Guelph St. and Commercial Drive & Victoria Drive.

These new plans followed about several months of consultation, in which concerns were voiced that the bike lanes would adversely impact pedestrian safety and public accessibility to the nearby hospitals along W. 10th Ave. near Oak St.

Despite the city’s attempts to accommodate these concerns in their new plans, such as the creation of a new, nearby parking lot for hospital visitors, many citizens and some city councillors continue to express displeasure and what they view as safety concerns that still persist.

Not only will the new separated bike lanes require the removal of many parking spots for hospital visitors, which they suggest can not be adequately compensated for by a new parking lot, but the increase in bike traffic to the area poses risks to elderly and disabled people traversing along the sidewalks because of all the nearby medical clinics and hospitals in the neighbourhood.

The inconvenience to drivers and the added confusion also raises the potential of increased accidents with such pedestrians who will have to navigate and learn new walking routes in the areas to and from the medical clinics.

The city will continue to consult with the public over the coming weeks. However, it remains true that such collisions are quite common in Vancouver and cause personal injuries that are damaging to people’s lives. If you are ever injured in an incident involving a motor vehicle, contact BLW Lawyers today for a free consultation.

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