Help Prevent Dooring: Cyclists Colliding Into Car Doors

With Vancouver becoming more and more of a cyclist friendly city, car drivers should pay attention to how to share the road with cyclists. Dooring  moving cyclists crashing into suddenly opened car doors, is an increasing problem.

HUB, or HUB Cycling (formerly the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition), is a non-profit advocating for cyclists, cycling safety, and infrastructure. Recently, they have launched a campaign in hopes of decreasing the number of accidents involving dooring.

According to HUB, one in seven bike crashes in Vancouver is caused by cyclists colliding into car doors.

HUB is recommending the following:

  • Drivers should always check their mirrors to see if any cyclists are come up behind them
  • When exiting the car, drivers should open the car door with their right hand. This way, it forces them to turn and check behind their shoulders
  • Cyclists should make an attempt to avoid streets with many parked cars
  • Cyclists should try to stay at least a meter away from any car doors while riding

For more information, please read this CBC article on HUB’s safety campaign on dooring.

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