Could Bike Sharing Impact Personal Injuries in Vancouver?

Vancouver’s long-awaited bike-sharing program Mobi has finally launched, and with it, that means more cyclists will be on the city’s streets, especially during summer time.

The CBC reports that Vancouver has rolled out its collection of approximately 250 bikes for public-share use throughout certain parts of the city. Residents, visitors and tourists alike will be able to purchase yearly membership plans or pay-per-use options for bicycle trips up to 30 minutes in duration in Vancouver.

Plans to introduce more bikes and also to expand the bike-parking zones to other neighbourhoods in Vancouver will be considered after a trial period concludes.

Bike helmets are attached to the bicycles with tethers to encourage safe bicycle riding and also to ensure that users have the ability to abide by a city bylaw which requires all bicycle-riders of any age wear helmets.

Of course this not only means more bicycle riders on the streets but an increased risk in bicycle injuries and other personal injuries, thanks to the likely influx of riders who are not as experienced as regular bike owners and of out-of-town riders who don’t know the neighbourhoods too well.

Accidents still do happen, so new riders and car drivers are encouraged to pay close attention to the roads to watch out for more cyclists. If you are ever involved in a bicycle injury or a car injury due to the negligent of other bike riders or car drivers, speak to the lawyers at BLW Lawyers in Metro Vancouver. We have offices in Vancouver and experienced personal-injury lawyers to help protect your rights. Call us today at 604-689-3883 or email us at for more information.

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