Bike Safety in Vancouver for Rainy Weather More Important Than Ever

Metro Vancouver’s rainy season has at least a few more weeks left in it, and more than just fairweather cyclists—literally—are hitting the roads throughout the region, according to an investigative story from the Vancouver Sun.

Reports show that an increasing number of bicyclists in the Metro Vancouver region are giving year-round biking a go, including biking in the rain during the winter months.

Thanks to increased awareness and encouragement from Vancouver Coastal Health & HUB Cycling, local seminars from trained experts and increased amenities at communal bike lockers in downtown Vancouver, for example, more and more people are cycling during the chilly and rainy months in Vancouver.

Many of them had cited concern about increased risk to personal injury during bicycling in the rain, such as falling while skidding on wet terrain or getting hit by a car because of poor visibility.

However, the biggest trick to reduce falling is to anticipate the one major difference between bicycling in the rain and bicycling on dry days: when roads are wet, it’s more difficult to brake and turn at the same time.

The main tip for biking in the rain in Vancouver is to slow down early before you start a turn, especially on colder days when there’s a risk of black ice at or near intersections.

Other tips include investing in bike lights and reflectors to combat potential visibility issues. As for rainproof clothes, you don’t have to go out of your way to buy a whole new wardrobe; many experts claim that clothes many people already own for skiing or camping are more than sufficient.

But keep in mind the risk for personal injury while biking in the rain cannot be eliminated entirely. And as more bicyclists who are still adjusting to biking in inclement weather hit the roads during winter, drivers have to be more vigilant than ever to avoid crashes and accidents. The five-year provincial average since 2011 of car accidents involving at least one cyclist is approximately 1,400.

If you are a cyclist injured in a motor-vehicle accident through no fault of your own, during rain or shine, you’ll want experienced legal professionals on your side to help fight for your rights and protect your livelihood. Contact BLW Lawyers today for a free consultation.

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