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New Device Could Deter Drinking & Driving

A new B.C. invention could better deter drinking and driving through more effective enforcement of the laws on the books, according to a news story in the Globe & Mail. A researcher from Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University claims to have developed a device that will easily allow police to more accurately gauge if someone is […]

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Auto Injuries Could Rise With Self-Driving Cars

A new report reveals that drivers entrust too much premature faith in automated driving technology. According to the Canadian-based Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF), many drivers overestimate the abilities of the emerging technology for so-called self-driving cars. As a result, Canadian drivers are trusting the safety and reliability of these self-driving vehicles too much. These […]

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Driverless Highways from Vancouver to Seattle a Possibility

A driverless highway could soon be coming to Metro Vancouver in what would be a revolutionary transit development, but which would also raise a myriad of safety concerns and present a huge impact on personal-injury issues. According to a news report in the Vancouver Sun, a current Amazon board member and former Microsoft executive recently […]

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Will Self-Driving Cars Affect Injuries & Security?

A recent survey of more than a 1,000 British Columbia drivers reveals that almost half of them believe that self-driving cars will present an overall danger to the safety of B.C. roads, as Business in Vancouver reports. Approximately 47% of respondents had reservations about the safety of the technology of autonomous automobiles, and roughly 16% […]

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Could the “Textalyzer” Stop Texting and Driving?

Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous activities on the road, and unfortunately the problem only seems to be getting worse. Law-enforcement agencies continue to seek ways to keep people safe behind the wheel, but uphill battles remain. A new technology under proposition called the Textalyzer aims to give police more power to […]

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Autopilot Could Reduce Car Accidents by 50%

The emerging technology of autopilot in cars could drastically reduce the number of motor-vehicle accidents on the road. Tesla has begun analyzing data from the autopilot-feature rollout on their cars and claims that accident rates have decreased by 50%. Autopilot is only usable for highways and freeways; it resembles cruise control except that autopilot does […]

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Correctly Installed Car Seats Save Lives

If you have an infant or toddler, you would be extra aware of the importance of safe car seats. Did you know that 8 out of every 10 car seats are installed incorrectly? This is a statistic stated by the injury prevention specialist with Children’s Health, Molly Grinstead.  This is a shocking number. Molly moves […]

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Auto Braking Systems Will Become Standard

Auto braking systems have been to put to the test and have demonstrated to have great potential in preventing auto accidents and saving lives.  The automatic emergency-braking systems use a laser, radar or camera to detect objects to predict frontal crashes. If it senses the car approaching the object at a dangerous speed, the auto […]

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Empty Seats – The Future of Driverless Cars

For the majority of people, commuting is simply a part of life and for many, this entails driving. Studies show a steady increase in the number of hours most commuters spent behind the wheel but with this has come an increase in vehicle accidents as well. 90% of accidents are due to human error – […]

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Hands-Free Devices May Be Adding to Auto Accidents

New studies have found that using hands-free devices still pose dangers to drivers. Although hands free devices are legal in BC, they may distract the driver for up to 27 seconds after usage. This information has been released in a series of studies conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. A distracted driver can […]

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