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Vancouver Cracks Top 20 on Drunk-Driving List

The City of Vancouver has fallen into the top 20 on a list of municipalities in Canada with the most number of police-reported impaired-driving incidents, and three other B.C. cities, including one near Metro Vancouver, have made the top 10, according to a news story from Global News. For recent annual statistics, by drunk-driving offences per 100,000 […]

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Car Accidents Could Increase With New Pot Laws: Experts

Medical physicians and law-enforcement officials in B.C. are warning of a likely increase in car accidents after the federal government begins to act on their plans to legalize marijuana, as reported by this news story from News 1130. Doctors of B.C., the province’s largest advocacy group of medical doctors, and representatives of local police departments both […]

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What is Whiplash and How to Treat it After a Car Accident?

One of the worst things about whiplash is that you may not feel it right away. The adrenalin of a frightening accident, other injuries or concerns about the condition of your passengers or vehicle, and the fact that some soft tissue injuries aren’t detected right away, can mean that your neck, shoulders and head truly […]

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The Dangers of Drowsy Driving

There are many studies and articles out there on drinking and driving and other substance abuse. One very dangerous act that often goes under the radar is drowsy driving. It is easy to point the finger at alcohol and substance abuse but tiredness seems much more innocent in comparison. It is not. Fatigued drivers are […]

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Does Daylight Savings Time Increase Auto Accidents?

When is daylight savings time? Hope you haven’t missed it, we’ve lost an hour this past weekend on Sunday March 13 at 2:00 am in the morning. Daylight savings time has been around for a century, turning 100 this year! However, there has been debate in recent years over the necessity of changing the clock. […]

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Post-Accident Symptoms that Should Not Be Ignored

Incurring a personal injury due to a car accident can have both short-term and long-term effects on your mind and body. Some injuries are much easier to diagnose like a broken bone or a laceration. However, there are plenty of personal injuries that can occur after the actual accident takes place. Some symptoms can even […]

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Chronic Pain/Fibromyalgia

Chronic pain is defined as pain which continues for a period beyond three to six months.  Typically, after an accident, the expectation is that the accident victim will have pain for a period of time but will soon progress toward healing.  A diagnosis of chronic pain will often be made if a person does not […]

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