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Your Top 5 Injury Cap FAQs Answered

Anyone who has ever been in a car accident can tell you that the path to recovery is often a long, painful and (sadly) expensive one. It can take months or even years to work through the pain and stress and bring your body back to 100% – if you’re ever able to totally do […]

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Why Injury Caps Will Hurt Our Community and Take Away Our Rights

It’s a matter of public record that ICBC has been struggling with financial hardship for the past several months. In an effort to cut costs and save money, ICBC recently announced plans to place caps on what they consider to be “minor” injury claims. Unfortunately, these proposed changes could have a major impact on those […]

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Lower Mainland Police & B.C. Pedestrians Warn of Drunk Driving

Security camera footage released by Abbotsford Police to the media show a horrifying consequence of impaired driving as authorities try to curb personal injuries and fatalities from drunk driving, as reported in a news story by the CBC. The footage, originally from 2015, shows a driver speeding through a red light, striking several pedestrians who […]

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Are B.C. Distracted Driving Laws Proving Effective?

Updated distracted driving laws in B.C. designed to curb phone usage while driving are proving tough to beat for some drivers, but it is not clear whether fining drivers is curbing distracted driving, according to a news story by the CBC. New distracted driving laws were introduced in the province in 2010, and subsequently updated […]

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New Law Allows Police to Test Breath Without Suspicion

Changes to impaired driving laws at the federal level in Canada give police the authority to demand breath samples from drivers to test blood-alcohol level without reasonable suspicion ahead of time, as reported by a news story in Global News. The proposed laws are part and parcel of incoming laws to legalize recreational marijuana use, […]

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Large Proportion of Marijuana Users in BC Drive While High

A new study from the University of Victoria has revealed that alarmingly high proportions of adult marijuana smokers in British Columbia admit to have either driven high or knowingly entered a vehicle with drivers who were high, as reported by a Vancouver Sun story. The news is particularly worrisome as the federal government prepares to […]

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New Doubts in Distracted Driving Laws on B.C. Roads

A local advocate in B.C. for driver safety cautions against increased enforcement and stiffer laws concerning distracted driving, according to a news story by News 1130. Derek Lewers, a former volunteer firefighter and a representative of Sense B.C., an advocacy group for B.C. motorists, claims that such enforcement is disproportionately costly to taxpayers and that […]

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Push to Make Lane-Splitting Legal Could Reduce Personal Injuries

Motorcycle advocates and enthusiasts are encouraging the provincial government to legalize “lane-splitting” on B.C. roads for bikers, as reported by a story in CTV News. Many bikers already claim to drive in between lanes of slow-moving vehicles in an effort to avoid traffic bottlenecks, but they’re still weary about getting caught because it’s against the […]

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