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Vancouver Police Announce Safety Blitz for Pedestrians

A News 1130 story highlights the Vancouver Police Department’s reminders to pedestrians and cyclists to watch out for cars during the summer months so as to avoid car-accident injuries and to stay safe on the road. The safety blitz and awareness campaign came days before a driver was caught on camera almost hitting a pedestrian […]

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Motorcycles Vulnerable to Cars on the Road

Last month was Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in British Columbia, and a recent high-profile accident in Metro Vancouver involving a young motorcyclist who was struck by an automobile is underscoring the need for continued attention from car drivers to pay attention to the road, according to the CBC. A 17-year-old man was hit by a […]

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Bike to Work Week Highlights Dooring Still a Major Issue

Bike to Work Week is in full swing in British Columbia, and local news stories are highlighting caution and safety for bicyclists and drivers alike, as the occasion also marks the time of year when people are using the roads more. With increased bicycle ridership during the summer months and more drivers travelling for summer […]

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Help Prevent Dooring: Cyclists Colliding Into Car Doors

With Vancouver becoming more and more of a cyclist friendly city, car drivers should pay attention to how to share the road with cyclists. Dooring – moving cyclists crashing into suddenly opened car doors, is an increasing problem. HUB, or HUB Cycling (formerly the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition), is a non-profit advocating for cyclists, cycling safety, […]

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Increased Awareness for Bicyclists Necessary

The warm weather in British Columbia this summer has contributed to an abundance of cyclists out on the roads. From marked bike paths to busy streets, drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians can all help increase their awareness to avoid accidents. For cyclists, wearing the proper safety gear, such as a helmet, can greatly reduce the risk […]

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How to Safely Cycle Around Vancouver

The City of Vancouver is proud to boast some of the most bicycle friendly streets around. However, cyclists have to remember that safety is just as much their responsibility as it is for motorists. As a cycle friendly city, Vancouver makes sure that bicycle lanes are clearly marked and that they are signs indicating where […]

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