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ICBC Injury Caps to Injure BC Residents More

  • 18th April 201818/04/18
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The aftermath of an auto accident can be a stressful time for all involved, but one thing you should NOT be worrying about during this time is money.  How are you going to make up for lost time at work? How are you going to take care of medical expenses? How are you going to […]

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Your Top 5 Injury Cap FAQs Answered

  • 22nd March 201822/03/18
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Anyone who has ever been in a car accident can tell you that the path to recovery is often a long, painful and (sadly) expensive one. It can take months or even years to work through the pain and stress and bring your body back to 100% – if you’re ever able to totally do […]

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Why Injury Caps Will Hurt Our Community and Take Away Our Rights

  • 21st February 201821/02/18
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It’s a matter of public record that ICBC has been struggling with financial hardship for the past several months. In an effort to cut costs and save money, ICBC recently announced plans to place caps on what they consider to be “minor” injury claims. Unfortunately, these proposed changes could have a major impact on those […]

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What is an Injury Cap and Why Does it Take Away My Right?

  • 22nd January 201822/01/18
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An injury cap, simply put, is defined as the maximum amount of money that can be paid out to the victim of a car accident based on the damages they’ve sustained. These caps can be determined based on damage to a particular part of their body, based on a specific assessed condition, or both. Though […]

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Winter Tires Are the Safer Option

  • 27th December 201727/12/17
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All weather tires have flooded the market in recent years, promising drivers a convenient alternative to dedicated winter tires. While it sounds great to get by on one type of tire all year round, all weather tires are a compromise—and your choice to take that compromise could come back and bite you. Learn why winter […]

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Repeat Distracted Drivers to Face Higher Premiums in B.C.

  • 11th December 201711/12/17
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One of the most serious problems on the roadway today is distracted driving. While usually, we think of “texting while driving” as being the concern, in reality, nearly any activity conducted from a smart or cell phone while driving can be a danger. Checking traffic, texting, looking at email or setting a GPS can all […]

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Safety Tips When Driving With Pets  

  • 5th August 20175/08/17
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More than one-quarter of all car crash fatalities in B.C. are linked to some form of distracted driving. In many instances, distracted driving is linked to technology: talking on the phone, texting, or using social media while driving all contribute to distracted driving. Distracted driving is not limited to our love of technology. Anything that […]

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